About Digital Horizons

Digital Horizons was established in 2007 by a consortium including: Concordia College Archives, Moorhead, Minn.; NDSU Institute for Regional Studies & University Archives, Fargo, N.D.; Prairie Public Broadcasting, Fargo, N.D.; and State Historical Society of North Dakota, Bismarck, N.D.

Purpose Statement:  DIgital Horizons provides, maintains, and preserves a wide range of historical and significant content related to North Dakota and Minnesota. This project creates teaching, learning, and researching opportunities for life-long learning.

Vision Statement:  Digital Horizons is dedicated to creating a digital collection of the region's unique and historical resources. It supports education, scholarship, and enrichment through Internet access to these collections.

Harnessing technology and innovation, Digital Horizons is committed to:

  • Creating open-access digital resources for research, instruction, and personal enrichment
  • Developing and maintaining a digital library infrastructure
  • Partnering on projects with other institutions that will benefit all parties

Goals of Digital Horizons

  • Increase the number and range of regional digital resources available for public use
  • Digitize, promote, and support the access to and use of unique materials contributed by participating members
  • Develop the digital asset management capabilities of individual partners with the goal of making the delivery of digital content efficient and effective
  • Encourage the public to share historical resources from their personal collections
  • Collaborate with colleagues at other regional institutions to develop digital resources that will benefit a broad spectrum of users
  • Provide user-friendly access to digital collections
  • Identify external funding sources to advance digital projects
  • Offer digital library services that are sustainable, scaleable, and consistent with national digital library standards


Digital Horizons serves several audiences:

  • For internal staff, it provides an administrative tool for the cataloging and management of digital resources
  • For educators and faculty, it provides instructional resources and research materials
  • For students, it provides research materials
  • For the public, it provides personal enrichment
  • For commercial users, it provides a tool for locating material for use in publications


The membership of Digital Horizons consists of a three-tiered scale based upon level of participation: partners, associates, and clients. For more information regarding becoming a member contact us at digitalhorizons@prairiepublic.org.

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